Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First off, if you are getting any error messages like, "would you like to enter your license key to get unlimited access" Then if you have a license key you need to follow the prompts and enter that for it to work.

Otherwise this can happen for many reasons. One being, How many isn't able to make a connection to the internet.

Please go to and see if you can reach this domain in your internet browser. If you get a DNS error or message about DNS you need to update your DNS server settings.

I prefer to use Google's public dns servers <- click this for more information (opens in new tab)

Then just google search if you do not know how to update your DNS server settings.

Another reason I have seen this happen is 3rd party content filters on the computer. If your DNS is set to google's public dns servers then check if you have a content filter on your machine. If so, contact the filter's admin and get it disabled and re-check the extension.

Another reason could be is your clock on your computer is not set to the right time. We need the correct time on your machine otherwise our authentication process will not work so please check the clock and make sure it is the correct time and if it isn't then make it the correct time.

We have a secure portal for you to manage all the credit card info and subscription details.

Please login to your account at

Click on Account from the profile dropdown adn then click on Update Plan button

account-1 account-2

You can now select the plan of your choice from the plans & pricing section


You can update your payment information two ways. First is clicking "Payment Methods" on this screen and updating there and the second is clicking on your plan name and then following the steps below.

Click "Billing History" to download past copies of your invoices.

Then you will see a screen similar to this one:


You can cancel your subscription on this page.

Sometimes chrome extensions icon can get hidden. If so check this out.

Click the three vertical dots in your chrome browser

Now click on the pin icon to pin the extension.


Now it should show up in the toolbar and you can drag it around to where you want it.

If you don't see the options choice when you right-click on the extension then something went wrong during installation.

Please uninstall the extension and reinstall and be sure and watch for any errors that may occur.

If you continue to have trouble after reinstalling please open a support ticket for us so we can take a further look

Well thanks for asking and for your interest in promoting our product.

You can sign up to be an affiliate at

Thanks again for your interest.

The How Many? Extension works on offer-listing pages as well as limited functionality on the main product detail page.

An example of an offer-listing page is:

An example of a product detail page is:

The product detail page gives you the buy box quantity as well as if other sellers are listed on the main page it will give you those quantities as well. This will load automatically so there is no need to click the extension icon.


If a product has variations like a laptop protective case has multiple sizes and colors. A button will be displayed at the bottom right of screen with HowMnayExtensions icon.


If you click on that, it will open a popup and start populating information there about all the variations for that product.


In order to change our subscription you need to do the following steps:

  • Login to
  • Click on Account in the top navigation bar account-1
  • Click this button account-2
  • You can now select the plan of your choice from the plans & pricing section account-3
  • Choose what plan you want to change to upgrade-plan-4
  • Confirm changes upgrade-plan-5
  • That's it, you have just changed your subscription

Know that if you are on a lower priced monthly plan and you switch to a yearly plan you will not be able to switch back to the lower priced monthly plan.

In order to see amazon's estimated true stock you need to have the latest version of the extension installed 3.0.4 and have an amazon business account. <- click this to open an amazon business account.

Steps to enable this feature.

  • Open options page in the extension
  • Check "Quantity availability for business account"
  • Enter how many you want to check by. I use 100. This just means you will get a report of the stock level number in the increment you set here. The lower the number the longer it may take to get amazon's stock level. If it is going very slow increase this number and it will go faster.

Example: If amazon has 345 in stock and you use 100 as your decrement number then we will check if amazon has 900, then 800, then 700, then 600, then 500 then 400 then 300 and when we get to 300 in our example amazon will tell us they have 300 in stock because they really have (in our example) 345. So we will return 300. But you will know it could be any number between 300-400.

Now click save at the bottom of the options screen.

NOTE: This feature only works on amazon as a merchant for right now. All other merchants will get the old style of getting buyable quantity.

  • Right-click on the extension icon and click options and copy your license key and paste it in a place you will remember like a notepad doc on your desktop.
  • Right-click the extension icon and click remove from chrome reinstall-extension-1
  • Click Remove in the popup reinstall-extension-2
  • Go to this link How Many? Chrome Extensionand click add to chrome.
  • Click options again and paste in your license key and click save

Amazon has made some changes so the layout of the product detail page.

They have removed the ability to see the old offers page like we are all used to, so we have removed our button that used to be on the page.

We used to be able to sign in as a business account and we could see the old offers page but that no longer works either so they have permamently removed it as far as we can tell.

This just means the seller is intentionally limiting how many they are willing to sell to a single customer in one transaction.

Since most inventory tools use the 999 trick and add the items to the cart this is the amount they are showing as "in stock" when in reality it could be significantly different.

This is why we implemented the limit buster functionality to "see" past these limits for FBA sellers on

Please see the video below that shows this in action